Customization:Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals


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 Customized instructions and process:

Ⅰ、For customized products, we must communicate with the customer service staff by email to determine the order demand and confirm the order content and size information;please send email to

Ⅱ、The customized product pictures must be high-definition pictures, which do not involve infringement and cannot be pornographic pictures;

Ⅲ、Customization cycle: The customer service staff will send the customized payment pictures to the design department for processing. The design department will receive the customized payment pictures in 2-3 working days. The customer service staff will send the completed board drawings to the customers for confirmation, and the customers will send e-mails to confirm and arrange the goods after paying the full amount. The production process takes 3-5 working days to ship.

Ⅳ、Due to the particularity of customized products, products can not be returned or replaced.


Tag Size(IN)  Bust Sleeve length length
41.73 25.19 26.38
43.30 25.59 27.16
L 44.88 25.98 27.95
XL 46.45 26.77 28.74
2XL 48.03 27.55 29.53
3XL 49.60 28.34 30.31
4XL 51.18 29.13 31.10
5XL 52.75 29.92 31.89
6XL 54.33 30.70 32.67


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